Future Glory

by Doxa Theo

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This album has a liturgical presence focussing on sacred hymns, prayers, and gospel-centered lyrics. The music sings with reverence to the Maker with heavy piano, swell-based electric guitars, and light string colorization. This collection of songs gives glory to the Divine Maker, just like the meaning of the bands name, Doxa Theo, which is Greek for "Glory to God." Doxa Theo is made up of several worship leaders and artists all over the country who put their focus in cultivating community within the art of worship.


released June 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Doxa Theo New York, New York

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Track Name: Doxology
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, & Holy Ghost
Track Name: Cover Me
Father, my Father
How I long to learn from You
Guide me, Oh guide me
Lead me to Your grace and peace

From Heaven You rule below
Speaking truth into my unknown
You lifted me from the dust
You've given me life
You've given me life

Cover me
Cover me
My Father
Cover me

Father, my Father
Hallowed be Your sovereign name
Kingdom, Your kingdom
Reigns on earth to do Your will
Track Name: No Other Fountain
Jesus my glory - sanctify me
Use my hands and my feet for Your kingdoms will
Wash me and clean me with water and blood
Grant me a peaceful heart and a mind of Christ

My Prince and my Shepherd
Lead me by the streams of truth
My Joy and my Fountain
Let me drink from more of You
Let me drink from more of You

Jesus my glory - dispose of my sin
Guide my affections and thoughts - forgive my heart
Your fullness and mercy have called me by name
I am a child of the cross and You promised Your love

No other Fountain
No other refuge
You are my glory God
No other pleasure
No other comfort
You are my glory God

Jesus my glory my Savior and friend
I hold fast to Your word that You’ll come back again
My firm foundation - I rest solely on You
Give me faith to endure the cross through the end
My glory God
Track Name: Reliance
My dependency is found in You alone
My sufficiency is found Your love
You are immovable
You’re constant and unchanging
You are incredible
My heart will rest in truth

You are my reliance
Made me righteous
By faith I will walk with You in holiness

My iniquities are wiped away by blood
White as falling snow I’ll stand at Your throne

You are so beautiful
The earth reflects Your glory
From dawn till dusk I’ll sing
My heart will rest in grace
Track Name: Grace and Peace
I once was poor
But now I’m rich in You
I was bound but not I am free
I was void but now I am full
I am in pursuit of Your righteousness
You supply all my needs
You're my dependency

My treasure Lord
What blessings You give

Grace and peace are with me
Because You bled to save me

From the depths of my trusting heart
I thank you for my faith and for Your wondrous love
You took my place upon a tree
You crucified my sin
You paid the price in full

Oh blessed cross
What mercies You give

Now ill rest in ceaseless praise
Your mercies flow for endless days
Your burdens light I’ll take the load
You’re gracious Lord

Because You love me
Track Name: Future Glory
Were longing and waiting for pain to be no more
And this future glory when we’ll stand with you

Grant me peace, and rest, and life, and hope
Grant me faith
Faith till You return
Faith till You return

Were groaning in bondage set us free from death
You suffered for me sake
You pledged Your heart to me

We place our hope in what we do not see
Track Name: Beautifully Broken
What is this love that would sacrifice it all for me
Who is this King that would leave His throne of glory

Who is this man that would take upon our sin and shame
What is this grace that would not let me stay the same

Bruised and scarred
But stained with love
Crowned with thorns
But clothed in truth

The grave could not contain Your love
The sting of death is overcome
The veil was torn
The rock was split
Your Spirit now breathes within

What is this hope that's a steadfast anchor for my soul?
What is this peace that calms my heart and makes me whole?

Beautifully, beautifully broken
You are King forever and always
We wont be afraid
You have risen
Track Name: Hymn
Lord my King of heavenly host
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Of all the things my heart desires
You are the one I love the most

When You come will trumpets sound?
Will peace return and love abound?
Outshine the sun and melt the clouds?
Lord in Your light will hope be found?

So I sing these words aloud
So You can hear the sound
Of affections rising up to the One I love the most

Lord my heart do not divide
Revere Your name for all my life
I wander not for in Your light
I am prone to love You all my life

Lord Your voice is like fine wine
It’s been bottled up such a long time
I pour You out and drink You in
You judge me not for all my sin